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Full Festival Ticket

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Weekend Ticket

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Day-Ticket (24h)

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The ticket includes full vegetarian meals and non alcoholic drinks. Our goal in order to allow everybody to be part of it, is to keep the prices as low as possible. We want all of us to create this event and be part of something together.


Full Festival ticket includes: full program, 2 vegetarian meals a day, non-alcoholic drinks & onsite camping.

Weekend Ticket includes: full program Friday evening,  Saturday + sunday, two vegetarian meals a day (collective cooking), non-alcoholic drinks & onsite camping.

Day-ticket includes: full program 24h, two vegetarian meals a day (collective cooking), non-alcoholic drinks




If you want to join the helpers team or cannot pay the full amount, please feel free contact us on with your request. We are happy to support your talents!





Camping included onsite + Upgrades: cheap bed options in shared rooms, hotels & private accomodation options 

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