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The DUKA Film Festival it's a three day event that screens movies made by new filmmakers in competition while offering a retrospective surrounding the topic of philosophy in movies.


The program will include indoor and outdoor screenings as well as a multifaceted variety of activities around the cinematic idea of art.

The event will present directors, offer workshops, philosophy lectures and rounds, music, an interactive art gallery, parties and even a chance to relax in and around a 19th century castle that once belonged to the Von Sydow family, whose legacy includes Ingmann Bergman's actor Max Von Sydow.


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volonteering (contact us directly)

The ticket includes full vegetarian meals and non alcoholic drinks. Our goal in order to allow everybody to be part of it, is to keep the prices as low as possible. We want all of us to create this event and be part of something together.


If you want to join the helpers team or cannot pay the full amount, please feel free contact us on with your request. We are happy to support your talents!





Camping included onsite.

Hotels & private accomodation options (list & prices will be sent via mail)


DUKA is a film collective based in Berlin, that promotes authenticity of creative acts pursuing aesthetic as a goal not only of what might be defined as parameter among conventional, unconventional or experimental, but also in the sense of “art brut”: spontaneous, autodidact and made also by those on the outside of the established art scene.

The name DUKA is an abbreviation for “Dunkelkammer” which in german means “Darkroom”. This is in order to remember us that we were analog, and everything which is an image nowadays it comes from Film, celluloid: a support a moment of reality could be saved on and revealed later through a chemical process. 

In times where everything is art nothing is art likewise, we need to orient ourselves developing much more than a simple product trying to concentrate on the path that brings us to approach to the process of creation.



The Neo-gothic castle built in 1840 was originally owned by the von Sydow Family and expropriated after the second world war to then serve as municipal office and for consumer purposes, Now after 20 years of abandonment it is again in use for shootings aswell as for private and communal events.

During this festival we want to create a common space where we really have time to talk about films and their process, get to know and learn from each other by sharing different approaches from different disciplines. And to have fun. Of course.

There is forest and the small Schönow village around in case you need a short break from it all and just let the warm Uckermark breeze run through your hair.

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