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Juri is the soul of the DUKA.

He considers movie making as a music orchestra playing together,

he listens to every single department, directing them to unite into

one audio visual symphony.

He enjoys the opportunity of putting different art form like painting, photography, music, literature and philosophy together.

His philosophical approach allows him to see things always from an alternative point of view.

Ayla is the heart of the DUKA.

As a creative producer loves to

involve herself into the film production merging organisation

with a familiar work atmosphere.

She considers a production a holistic process with a natural approach.

Philos is the hands of the DUKA.

He’s passionate about bringing visual poetry

into the picture.

He loves to experiment different art techniques to allow a new surrealistic language.

He consider film making as an extension of magic tricks, illusion and inventions.

The only thing exceeding his dreams is his reality!

Hannes is the eye of the DUKA.

He develops visual ideas that can transform

a single image into a story.

He is the subconscious of our fantasy that allow to create another reality on the screen.

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