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"Muiska planetariO"
  la nueva semilla

feature movie

current status: production
release: 2023
country: Colombia/germany
length: 100 min


This is a story different from the others.
Mixing the ancient traditions, from where the laws of nature are calling us to be more aware, to our modern corruptive society system of thoughts, that is trapping us from being who we truly are: an extension of nature, an extension of mother earth.
The movie is about the recognition of the territory where we all came from, our beloved mother earth, and the transformative process of re-writing our stories that have been damaging us until now, and as much as remembering that we are all, indigenous people of this world.
The journey is lead by the spiritual leader “Buntkua Yari Maku” and his wife “Katha” from the Muiska community of the Andean mountains of Colombia in Fòmeque, an epicenter of spiritual consciousness, where they will share with us, a line of thoughts that goes in harmony with nature, birthing the new humanity of those prophetic time of change that we are all living in, at this very moment.
Seeding new possibilities, chanting, dancing, using the words as medicine, natural ways of expression, for us to remember: the ancient ways of an harmonious relationship with the elements. It is time to remember, it is time for action, it is time to step into our rights to breathe, drink, eat from pure resources, to seed with love and to be conscious of our weavings in action.
A movie that is a ceremony in itself and will bring the audience into the circle of this new consciousness, a movie that is an extension of wisdom of words coming from sacred lands, an energy that is already within us and will be reactivated through the rituals of life.
A film that is more then just a film, but more a direct channel to the origin, the womb of our thoughts, of our creation, life and the connection with our mother that is speaking through us and for us.

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