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Short Movie 

current status: Postproduction

release: 2020

country: Colombia/Germany

length: 20min


«Somos hijos de la Tierra, mas no somos dueños de la Tierra»: líder Kankuamo
The earth is not just our home, it’s our body.

This film was made together with the Arhuaco community of Nabusimake, in la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.
They are our older brothers there to remind us who is our mother and in what way we should start to listen to her signs. Signs that she ever since is giving to us, in order to preserve, to love and to let us grown in our consciousness.

The Arhuaco adopts Cosmogony as an interpretation of life, mythology as the essence of a holistic reading of history and facts not detached from the essence of the spiritual elements always related with the human being. 
This essence is timeless: past, present and future are energetically all in one moment.
A Mamo is a Doctor, a Healer, a Political responsible of his folks, a Priest and a Spiritual Leader.

This is a philosophy of life, a philosophy of nature, a portrait of a people and of a land as a territory of native people, a territory that reflects their customs and their duty.


Mamo Antonio Enrique Perez - Kungumu Pérez - Luis Fernando Cotes - Orlado José Cotes- Feliciano Torres - Virgilio Torres - Maria del Carmen Gonzáles - Luz Estela Cotes - Tanya Marina Torres Regina Crespo - Soy Aruirin Richter Cotes.

Produced by: Felipe Duarte
Directed by: Juri Händelsson
Camera by: Valentina Castaño
Assistant Producer: Thomas Schulz